Conservation and restoration of biodiversity

Transparency certification and effective management of supply chain risks

Tracking climate change

Fair Labor Practices

Protecting community rights

Ensuring food safety and security

As the world’s largest producer of Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO), we recognize the necessity of balancing the expectations of a wide range of stakeholders in the way that we implement responsible agricultural practices. Everything that we do around sustainability is in line with the sustainable development goals (SDG) 2030 and is guided by our sustainability purpose.


Respect Human Right

Our Human Rights Charter articulates our commitment towards respecting human rights in line with the United Nations Guiding Principles (UNGPs) on Business and Human Rights.

Less is More

Our Responsible Agriculture Charter articulates our commitment towards environmentally, socially and economically responsible agricultural practices.

Innovation for All

Our Innovation and Productivity Charter which is currently in development will complete our commitments around prosperity.

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