1. Q: What are the trainings available?

    A:There are 3 Lean Six Sigma Professional trainings offered in 2020 : Green Belt, White Belt and Champion

2. Q : Do I need experience to attend this training? How do I know what training to choose?

    A : No experience required. Training selection guidance as follows :

Training LSS.PNG


Training Day : 2

Target Group:

Executives, Supervisors, Shift and Line Leaders, Consultants, Trainers

Provides the basic knowledge on process improvement for successful execution of Lean Six Sigma projects


Methodology : Kaizen, 8 Waste Elimination, 5S, 7QC tools and Poka Yoke

Green Belt

Training Day : 5

Target Group:

White Belt, Executives up to Managers (operations and support services), Academicians, Consultants, Trainers

Provides the pre-requisite knowledge for Lean Six Sigma concepts, methodology and tools necessary for process analysis and improvement


Methodology : DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control)

White Belt

Training Day :  2

Target Group:

Senior Management, Head of Business Units, Head of Companies, Consultants, Trainers

Provides the knowledge on the Lean Six Sigma deployment strategy and pre-requisite knowledge for leaders to embark on becoming a Lean Six Sigma champion


Methodology : Introduction to Lean Six Sigma, Deployment Strategy of Lean Six Sigma

3. Q : Where are the trainings held?

   A : At our training facility at Sime Darby Plantation Ecogardens Sdn Bhd, Pulau Carey or for on site training, please contact our administrator for details.

4. Q : When will the trainings be conducted?

   A : Please refer to our training schedule for year 2020


5. Q : What do I need to bring?

   A : We provide refreshment (breakfast/lunch) each day during your training. Training materials will be provided during registration. Our administrator will inform you in advance should you need to bring / prepare anything


6. Q : How do I go about booking a training?

   A :  Request registration form via email to,  or download from registration page,  complete the form and email back to

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